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Welcome to the Northern California Division of USA-Fencing. 

Please check back frequently for updates about the Division qualifiers and locally sanctioned tournaments. 


December 2015 NEWS...

* Qualifiers for the Junior Olympics in February 2016 are happening on 12/19 and 12/20  in our Division

and you can now register here:

NorCal Junior Olympics Qualifiers -Epee

NorCal Junior Olympics Qualifiers - Foil and Saber

Please be aware of the following rules for the Qualifiers:

  • Pre-register and pay $30 per event. Otherwise, pay $40 at the door.
  • Your registration to an event is a commitment to participate and as such no money will be returned if you decide to not participate. (to be more specific: if you qualify for the Cadet event through the Junior Qualifier, and decide to not participate to the Cadet Qualifier, no refund will be granted)
  • If you know you qualified through the Regional Path, please don't come to the Division Qualifiers: if you come, you might be getting in the way of the qualification of another fencer: Auto-qualified fencers get skipped but Regional Qualified fencers are not.
  • Only Fencers from the Northern California Division can participate.
  • Only US Citizens and Permanent Residents can participate.
  • Only Fencers born between 1996 and 2002 can participate to the Junior Qualifier or on the Cadet NRPS.
  • Only Fencers born between 1999 and 2002 can participate to the Cadet Qualifier or on the Y14 NRPS.
  • The 2016 JO Fencing Championship will be in Cleveland, Ohio on February 12 to 15. 
  • For more info on the Qualification Path and the JO Championship, you can check the event page 


Date  Qualifier Host Club
12/19 (pm) JO - Epee GGFC
12/20/15 JO - Foil HALB
12/20/15 JO - Saber  HALB
3/20/16 Div2/Vet & Div3/Vet - Epee  EBFG
3/20/16 Div2/Vet & Div3/Vet - Foil  HALB
3/20/16 Div2/Vet & Div3/Vet - Saber  PEN
5/7/16(pm) Y14 - Epee GGFC
5/8/16 Y14 - Foil  HALB
5/8/16 Y14 - Saber  HALB

The host clubs will post on Askfred.net at least a month before the day of the qualifiers and pre-registration will close on the Monday of the week of the Qualifier.

  • Pre-registration will be valid only if it has been pre-paid online ($30). 
  • Fencers will have the option to register at the door on the day of the Qualifier ($40).
  • No refunds will be possible on the day of the Qualifier.

The Div2/Vet and Div3/Vet Qualifiers will be separate tournaments, scheduled on the same day but not combined anymore.

* Bay Cup Tournaments have started - Make sure you renew your membership before you register to a tournament.


New Season 2015-2016  

Don't forget to renew your US Fencing Association membership:

* you need it to register in a club for insurance purpose

* you need it to compete in the local, regional and national tournaments

PLEASE, register before your first Bay Cup tournament, or the event won't be sanctioned and no change of classifications will be approved.

And if you're new to Fencing, this is the link to get started.

Check out the Bay Cup Calendar - It includes Local, Regional, and National Tournaments.

Events for all here!

Come check the site often to hear about other local tournaments: RYC, Opens and more...

or go to Askfred.net to find tournaments and to register.

Getting Ready for the Nationals

Checkout the NAC schedule here.

All the schedules for each event have been planned already.

Just open the Athlete Packets for each NAC to check the day of your specific events. 

And remember to write down the regular fee entry deadline in your calendar to optimize your costs.

Regionals are important too - plan to participate

Checkout the schedule here.


All these, particularly the youth events,  offer a nice intro to the Nationals in a more 'relaxed' environment.

Looking for a club close to home?

Checkout our club page.


  • Local Tournaments Awareness: subscribe to "The Bay Cup Newsletter": contact Mark.
  • Social Networks to join:
    • Follow @USFencing on Twitter to hear the latest national and international fencing news.
    •         Join the Bay Cup Fencing Group on Facebook to hear the latest local news.


The Link to Bay Cup Results on AskFred.net is here and to Points Standings here


For general info about the USA Fencing Association, check here

For local tournaments, check out the Bay Cup website here


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Your source of local tournaments:

The Bay Cup Website!

  • The Bay Cup organizes local tournaments every week-end. Check out here for more info.
  • Find the schedule here and pre-register on askfred.net directly from that same page
  • you can now follow live results here or check tournament results here
  • The top 8 finalists of each series receive trophies and prizes at the beginning of the next season: see past seasons winners here
  • You can find this year's Northern California Division representatives on the Bay Cup Board here.
  • For local info on Clubs, Vendors and more in the Northern California, Central California and Mountain Valley Divisions, thebaycup.net should become your first stop. Enjoy their new look!

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