Executive Officers

  • Chair: Sándor Mándoki               email
  • Vice Chair: Scott Cunningham    email
  • Secretary: Nancy Philippine         email
  • Treasurer: Lauren Rath                 email

Contact all officers at the same time: email 

Have a tournament or clinic that you want to post?

If you have a tournament or clinic announcement, click here to send an email message. Please provide us with all necessary information such as date, time, location, contact details, and any requirements for participants.

Have a general announcement for the rest of the division?

If you have a general announcement, click here to send an email message. Your announcement will appear in the announcement box on each page, so please provide a short introductory piece as well as the full announcement. All announcements must be reviewed and approved by the executive officers prior to posting. Announcements will be run in the highlighted announcement box until newer announcements are posted. At that time, they will remain available in the News area.