August 2015 News - Update


* The Division Exec Committee met in August and organized the 2015-2016 Season Division Qualifiers as follows:

Date     Qualifier    Host Club
12/19 (pm)    JO - Epee    GGFC
12/20/15    JO - Foil    HALB
12/20/15    JO - Saber     HALB
3/20/16    Div2/Vet & Div3/Vet - Epee     EBFG
3/20/16    Div2/Vet & Div3/Vet - Foil     HALB
3/20/16    Div2/Vet & Div3/Vet - Saber     PEN
5/7/16(pm)    Y14 - Epee    GGFC
5/8/16    Y14 - Foil     HALB
5/8/16    Y14 - Saber     HALB
The host clubs will post on at least a month before the day of the qualifiers and pre-registration will close on the Monday of the week of the Qualifier.

Pre-registration will be valid only if it has been pre-paid online ($30). 
Fencers will have the option to register at the door on the day of the Qualifier ($40).
No refunds will be possible on the day of the Qualifier.
The Div2/Vet and Div3/Vet Qualifiers will be separate tournaments, scheduled on the same day but not combined anymore.

* Bay Cup Tournaments have started - Make sure you renew your membership before you register to a tournament.