December 2015 News - Update

December 2015 NEWS...

* Qualifiers for the Junior Olympics in February 2016 are happening on 12/19 and 12/20  in our Division

and you can now register here:

NorCal Junior Olympics Qualifiers -Epee

NorCal Junior Olympics Qualifiers - Foil and Saber

Please be aware of the following rules for the Qualifiers:


Pre-register and pay $30 per event. Otherwise, pay $40 at the door.
Your registration to an event is a commitment to participate and as such no money will be returned if you decide to not participate. (to be more specific: if you qualify for the Cadet event through the Junior Qualifier, and decide to not participate to the Cadet Qualifier, no refund will be granted)
If you know you qualified through the Regional Path, please don't come to the Division Qualifiers: if you come, you might be getting in the way of the qualification of another fencer: Auto-qualified fencers get skipped but Regional Qualified fencers are not.
Only Fencers from the Northern California Division can participate.
Only US Citizens and Permanent Residents can participate.
Only Fencers born between 1996 and 2002 can participate to the Junior Qualifier or on the Cadet NRPS.
Only Fencers born between 1999 and 2002 can participate to the Cadet Qualifier or on the Y14 NRPS.
The 2016 JO Fencing Championship will be in Cleveland, Ohio on February 12 to 15. 
For more info on the Qualification Path and the JO Championship, you can check the event page