January 2013 News - Update

 US Mens' Foil Team Won the Gold In Paris Yesterday!!

See the article: http://www.usfencing.org/news_article/show/218529?referrer_id=669372

This is a historical win for US Foil Fencing. Congratulations to the team and Greg Massialas! 

Div2/Div3/Vet SNQ are now posted on AskFred:

1- Epee @ EBFG

2- Foil @ Halberstadt

3- Saber @ Peninsula FA


please note the new date for:

1- Y14SNQ @ Halberstadt: 3/10/2013  (was originally scheduled on 4/28) 

2- BayCup @ GGFC for Y10MF, Y12MF: 2/23/2013 (was originally scheduled on 3/10)

2 MORE LOCAL RYCs scheduled:

1- RYC @ Peninsula Fencing: 3/23-24/2013

2- RYC @ Coastside Fencing: 4/27-28/2013

Congratulations to our young fencers now qualified for the JO Championship in February in Baltimore - See the list here or download the full results from the Results Menu here.