April 2008 News - 2008 U16/Y14/Junior Teams Summer National Qualifier

Dates, times and locations for U16 (Cadet)/Y14/Junior Teams Summer National Qualifiers have now been posted. Please mark your calendars, but be sure to double check this page for final registration-close times, as they may be changed up to April 19th.


Sabre - First Place Fencing - May 3rd, 2008

  •    10:00am - U16 (Cadet) Men's Sabre
  •    12:00pm - U16 (Cadet) Women's Sabre
  •    2:00pm - Y14 Men's Sabre
  •    3:00pm - Y14 Women's Sabre
  •    4:00pm - Junior Men's Sabre Teams
  •    4:00pm - Junior Women's Sabre Teams

Note:  First Place Fencing Club is moving to a new location prior to this event. Their new address will be 835 E. San Carlos Avenue, Suite B in San Carlos. The new location is approximately 3 blocks from their current locale at 853 J Industrial Road.

For those arriving from the north, take 101 South and exit at Holly. Make the left on Industrial Avenue, then, make a left on E. San Carlos Ave, which is a rather small street, two blocks from the Holly exit. You should see Velocity Sports Performance on your left and Undisputed Boxing Gym across from that. Drive towards the end of E. San Carlos Avenue - you'll see Pioneer Millwork, a custom woodworking store - and you should then see the First Place Fencing Club sign.

Epee - Golden Gate Fencing Center - May 4th, 2008

  •    9:00am - U16 (Cadet) Men's Epee
  •    9:00am - U16 (Cadet) Women's Epee
  •    10:00am - Y14 Men's Epee
  •    10:00am - Y14 Women's Epee
  •    1:00pm - Junior Men's Epee Teams
  •    1:00pm - Junior Women's Epee Teams

Note: The Junior Epee Team events have been moved to Sunday to accommodate SAT schedules.

Foil - Halberstadt Fencers' Club- May 4th, 2008

  •    10:00am - U16 (Cadet) Men's Foil
  •    11:30am - U16 (Cadet) Women's Foil
  •    1:00pm - Y14 Men's Foil
  •    2:30pm - Y14 Women's Foil
  •    4:30pm - Junior Men's Foil Teams
  •    4:30pm - Junior Women's Foil Teams

** Note for all fencers**

Event times may change if needed. Please check this page again. All times will be considered final as of April 19th, 2008.

Event registration fees will be $20 per event for individuals and $60 per event for teams and are due at registration. Teams must include only fencers from the club that is being represented. Team members must have competed for the club for which they are fencing during the regular season. All team members must be present at the time of registration. A club may only qualify one team and only one team from each club will be counted when determining the number of qualifying teams, however, clubs may field multiple teams if they elect to do so.