April 2009 News - 2009 Y14/Cadet/Jr. Team Summer National Qualifiers

Dates, times and locations for 2009 U16 (Cadet)/Y14/Junior Teams Summer National Qualifiers have now been posted. Please mark your calendars.


Sabre - Coastside Academy of Fencing - May 3rd, 2009

   9:30am - U16 (Cadet) Men's Sabre

   10:00pm - U16 (Cadet) Women's Sabre

   11:30am - Y14 Men's Sabre

   12:30pm - Y14 Women's Sabre

   2:00pm - Junior Men's Sabre Teams

   2:00pm - Junior Women's Sabre Teams

Epee - East Bay Fencers Gym - May 3rd, 2009

   10:00am - Y14 Men's Epee

   11:30pm - Y14 Women's Epee 

   12:30pm - U16 (Cadet) Men's Epee 

   1:30pm - U16 (Cadet) Women's Epee 

   2:30pm - Junior Women's Epee Teams

   3:30pm - Junior Men's Epee Teams


EBFG is allowing pre-registration at AskFred.

Foil - Halberstadt Fencers' Club - May 3rd, 2009

   9:00am - U16 (Cadet) Men's Foil

   10:30pm - U16 (Cadet) Women's Foil 

   12:00pm - Y14 Men's Foil 

   1:30pm - Y14 Women's Foil 

   3:00pm - Junior Men's Foil Teams

   3:00pm - Junior Women's Foil Teams