April 2012 News - Northern California Division - Y14 Qualifiers

Northern California Division Y14 Summer National Qualifiers

All weapons will be held at Halberstadt Fencers Club on April 29th, 2012. Pre-register on AskFred now!

Address: 621 S. Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94110

Event's Schedule:

10:00 am     Y14 Men's Foil & Y14 Women's Foil

1:00 pm       Y14 Men's Epee and Y14 Women's Epee

3:00 pm       Y14 Men's Saber and Y14 Women's Saber


Price: $20 per event

Preregistration closes on 04/27/2012.

Please Note:

Y14 fencers birth date range must fall in the years 1997-2000. A fencer born after 2000 can fence in Youth 14 IF the fencer is on the National Youth 12 point standings at the time of the entry deadline for that tournament.

From the National Offices Summer National Qualifying Packet:


Fencers must meet age eligibility above AND

a) Earn Youth 14 points at a current season Super Youth Circuit Competition OR

b) Earn points at a current season Youth 14 NAC, Cadet NAC, or the previous season’s Cadet Summer National Championships OR

c) Earn points at the previous season’s Youth 14 Summer National Championships OR

d) Place in the top 25% of the fencer’s Division’s Youth 14 qualifying competition held in the current season OR

e) Place first in the Y14 event at a current season RYC tournament [BoD, October 2010]. In mixed events, only the first place finisher is recognized as qualified.