February 2010 News - Referee Pay Scale Guidelines

Approved Referee pay scale in the Nor Cal Division:

Effective February 2010, the following will apply to all division sanctioned events.

  • Unrated referees: $80 per day (2 or more events)
  • Unrated referees: 4 hours or less, $40 (1 event)
  • Rated referees: $100 per day (2 or more events)
  • Rated referees: 4 hours or less, $60(1 event)

The Division wishes to encourage fair compensation for referees, and would prefer for clubs to use these guidelines. However, it is acceptable to barter lessons or other forms of payment for the referee pay listed above, as long as the compensation is of equivalent value. Referees who fence in an event during the same tournament may be partially compensated by excusing their entry fee. The Division will work with the Bay Cup and other divisions to ensure that referees are adequately compensated for their work.

There are some standards of treatment and compensation which should not be compromised. The following is required at all Division sanctioned events. Required, no exceptions:

  • All referees will be provided with lunches.
  • Hosts that run tournaments which last beyond 7PM will provide dinner or $10 in compensation. If the tournament runs beyond 9PM, referees will be paid overtime, in addition to dinner, at the scale of $10 per half hour (rate of $20 an hour).