May 2011 News - update-your-usfa-profile

Is Your Membership Profile Up-To-Date?

Over the past three years, the USFA membership database has transitioned through three different systems. During that time, you may have moved, changed clubs, become a permanent resident or changed your e-mail.

With registration approaching for Nationals and membership renewal in a few months, we are asking all our members to log in to their membership profile and verify that the information recorded in their record is current.

In addition, it is suggested that you check the citizenship and representing country fields, be it USA or another country, to ensure that information is correct. If you are a permanent resident, please email your green card number to

Need help with logging into the system? Click here.

Things you will be able to do online:

·         Update your contact information

·         View your membership data & payment activity

·         Print your membership card with classifications included!

·         Create a bio for yourself

Things you will not be able to do - if these fields are out-of-date, please contact the National Office:

·         Edit your classifications (classifications can only be updated if received by the tournament organizers)

·         Change your club, division, country representation or citizen/permanent resident status