November 2007 News - Regional Youth Circuit #1

The first Northern California Regional Youth Circuit will be held at Kezar Pavilion (SE corner of Golden Gate Park) on November 3 and 4, 2007. Events are for Youth-10, Youth-12 and Youth-14 age groups in Foil, Saber and Epee.

More information on the event is available here.

Click here to download a copy of the entry form.


Check-in close times:

Saturday, November 3rd

  • 10:00AM: Youth-12 Boys' Foil/Youth-14 Girls Epee
  • 11:30AM: Youth-12 Girls' Foil
  • 1:00PM: Youth-10 Boys' Saber/Youth-10 Girls' Saber
  • 2:30PM: Youth-12 Boys' Epee/Youth-12 Girls' Epee
  • 3:00PM: Youth-14 Boys' Saber/Youth-14 Girls' Saber

Sunday, November 4th

  • 9:00AM: Youth-14 Boys' Foil
  • 10:30AM: Youth-10 Girls' Foil
  • 12Noon: Youth-10 Boys' Foil
  • 1:30PM: Youth-14 Boys' Epee/Youth-14 Girls' Foil
  • 2:30PM: Youth-10 Boys' Epee/Youth-10 Girls' Epee
  • 3:00PM: Youth-12 Boys' Saber/Youth-12 Girls' Saber

(Be sure to check the website for changes to times or location.)