September 2012 News - 2012-2013 Division Qualifiers Dates

2012-2013 Official Division Qualifiers

Schedule & Location

16-Dec-12  JO - Epee GGFC

16-Dec-12 JO - Foil     HALB

15-Dec-12 JO - Saber  PEN

24-Feb-13 Div2/Div3/Vet - Epee   EBFG

24-Feb-13 Div2/Div3/Vet - Foil   HALB

23-Feb-13 Div2/Div3/Vet - Saber  PEN


10-March-2013     Y14 - Epee/Foil/Saber HALB


GGFC : Golden Gate Fencing Club - San Francisco

HALB   : Halberstadt Fencing Club - San Francisco

PEN    : Peninsula Fencing Academy - San Carlos

EBFG : East Bay Fencers Gym - Oakland

Tournaments will be posted on at least 4 weeks before the event.

Pre-registration cut-off on : Monday of the week of the tournament.

  • Fees:    $30 if pre-registered
  •              $40 at door
  • Note1: Div2/Div3 event will be combined in one tournament this season.
  • Note2: Only US Citizens and Permanent US Residents (Green Card) can compete in the qualifiers. Please refer toUSA-Fencing Athlete Handbook - section 2-7 (page 2-9) "General Qualifying Information" for more info.
  • Note3: You might be automatically qualified - Look for the List of auto-qualified on the USA-Fencing website.